Cäcilia M. Ewenz
Dr habil. (University of Bonn/Germany)
As a meteorologist by trade and education, I'm taking care of the academic side of CWlabs operations. Apart from general meteorology and academic teaching, my areas of work and research interests include:
  • Meso-scale modelling of meteorological phenomena like cold and seabreeze fronts
  • Development, adaptation, and fine-tunig of numerical models
  • Airborne measurements in and just above the boundary layer
  • Airborne measurements at the troposphere/stratosphere interface
  • Verification of model results
  • Application of meteorological findings to other disciplines (eg. derivation of microwave refractivity data from meteorological data).
  • Collaboration with related sciences for mutual benefit (eg. work with oceanographers regarding the air/sea interface)

A short list of my publications can be found here.

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