Wolfgang Lieff
Dipl.-Phys. (University of Karlsruhe/Germany)
Being a 'classical' physicist and thus considering myself a 'science allrounder', I am taking care of all aspects of CWlabs affairs where there is no specialist available (or we can't afford one). This includes (but is not limited to):
  • General software development and maintenance (preferably in FORTRAN 90, Pascal, or Python - but I'm quite fluent in various other languages and assembler codes as well).
  • Maintenance and customization of the RAMF meteorological data processing suite
  • Maintenance of all computing hardware including networking
  • Data archiving
  • Development, deployment and maintenance of scientific instrumentation
  • Public relations and graphic design
A reasonable working knowledge of English, German, Spanish, and French allows me to communicate in a common lingo in most corners of the world ... at least those corners of the world where the imperialism of past centuries has imprinted its mark.

Further areas I have dabbled in include Remote Sensing and Aeronautical Engineering (holding various aviation maintenance licences). And when not bound up by other tasks or distracted by more interesting things, I'm slowly working my way towards a PhD - investigating the aerodynamic effects of windbreak plantings in the atmospheric boundary layer (using a Grob 109B aircraft as the research tool of my choice).

A short list of my publications can be found here.

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